When I think of being kissed. I get butterflies in my stomach and a tingle that dances just beneath the surface of my skin… as if all of my senses are subtly awakened.

It’s a moment of utter awareness. Being so close to him that I can feel the heat and scent of his body… a perfect combination of crisp clean laundry and freshly showered skin. To close my eyes and breathe him in is almost enough.

He leans closer still and I feel the sensation of his scruffy cheek and softness of his shirt. The touch of his hands trailing up to my face while he pulls me into him makes me breathless and gently feeds my increasing hunger.

But the moment his lips touch mine, his mouth, soft, searching and meeting mine with equal, if not, more powerful need… I realize how long and how deeply I’ve needed to be kissed.

Of all life’s gifts that the human experience makes possible, being kissed, truly kissed, with love, with passion and in complete surrender is my most heartfelt desire.

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